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April 25 @ Old Town Hall

Cheer-Accident · Kohoutek · Mike Tamburo · Stag Hare · Outpost · Anduin · Insect Factory · Kuschty Rye Ergot · Layne Garrett w/ Jenny Tucker
DJ sets by The Last Starfighters

"The most warmly received performance of the festival was Mike Tamburo, who performed a lengthy and apparently fully composed piece on solo hammer dulcimer. In a festival that generally placed thoughtful improvisation and deliberate playing ahead of sheer chops, Tamburo's piece was a tour de force of brilliant musicianship, and his composition ebbed and flowed gracefully while still throwing in the occasional suprising twist to keep things interesting. He seemed somewhat bemused by the enthusiastic standing ovation that he received, but it was well deserved." -Washington City Paper

August 22 @ The Space

Chromatic Mysteries · Janel & Anthony · Gondola
Scarcity of Tanks · Max Ochs · Dark Sea Dream
Mark Fosson · Moon Pie w/ Doug Stailey
"Proud Flesh" Film by Jenny Graf Sheppard and Chiara Giovando

April 23 @ Old Firehouse
Ergo · Algernon · Kingdom of Sharks
Secret After Party
Matta Gawa · KBD · Borborites
April 24 @ Old Town Hall
Lac La Belle · Nick Shillace · Pots and Powercells
Little Howlin' Wolf · Eric Carbonara + Jesse Sparhawk
Chris Forsyth · Blue Sausage Infant · Kuschty Rye Ergot
Twilight Memories of the Three Suns
April 22 @ CandleHaus
Black Bloc · Last of England · Winter Ritual · Pregnant Spore
Gary Stevens · Raw Kale · Krull · Hostage Pageant
Mannequin Hollowcaust · Cincinnatus C · Stephen Palke
Heartstrung · Kingdom of Sharks
April 23 @ Old Town Hall
Michael Chapman · Black Twig Pickers · 500mg · Kohoutek
Caves Caverns · Human Adult Band · Frankzig · FUN
Drums Like Machine Guns · Cash Slave Clique
Bowles/Verrastro Percussion Duo · Mutwawa
April 24 @ Amma House
Kuschty Rye Ergot · Layne Garrett · Degollado
Subduction Zone · Borborites